Do you require a deposit and do you offer payment plans? Yes to both. We require a $500 non-refundable deposit upon booking to hold your date and package. Full payment must be made 7 days before the wedding day. We also offer direct debit payment plans upon request. 
Do you take bookings that are less than six hours? Generally we do not take bookings under six hours for two main reasons. Firstly, our shooters can logistically only attend one wedding per day. So with this in mind, with each booking we take on, we are foregoing another potential full day booking. So, to make it worthwhile, we need the bookings to be generally at a minimum of six hours (particularly during the spring and summer season weekends). Secondly, we have found that six hours gives us the minimum amount of footage to allow for a more interesting video and photos, without falling short of content. Having said this, there are occasional in which we take smaller bookings. We assess the bookings we take on, on a case-by-case basis, if our resources allow.
Can we break up the coverage hours during the day? Unfortunately we cannot put a pause or break on the coverage hours during the day in order to spread out our booking hours. We devote our entire day to being present at your wedding, whether there are breaks between ceremony and reception etc. or not. This is industry standard. 
Do I need full-day eleven hour coverage? We usually find that based on most couples run sheets for the day, ten to eleven hours is the optimal time to setup all the necessary equipment without rushing and cutting corners, and capture everything from the beginning of the day from groom and bride prep, to setup shots of the venues and detail shots, the ceremony, some location shooting and family photos, the reception and speeches, cake cutting, first dance, sunset shots of the couple (these shots usually happen between 8pm and 9pm are "the money shots" and are VERY important), everybody having a boogie on the dance floor, and sometimes a couple of send off or sparkler exit shots, depending on when the night ends. It also usually gives us a little time at some point to pull out the drone and take some aerial shots.
Some couples want us for up to 14 hours. We usually think anything more than 14 hours is unnecessary and potentially fatiguing, so we try to limit bookings to 14 hours maximum.
How do you accept payments? We use Stripe to accept payments. There is a 2.5% Stripe surcharge added to the total amount. We use Stripe because it is the most popular, trusted and secure form of business payment used on the Internet that protects and offers recourse to all parties in the event of any payment issue (we are yet to encounter an issue, thankfully!).
Do I need two Videographers at my wedding? Two Videographers at your wedding allows for more variety in your footage as they capture different angles and different moments. We usually recommend having two Videographers as this also allows for simultaneous tasks to be performed at the same time. For example, one Videographer can be filming the groom prep whilst the other Videographer films the bridal prep. Other tasks such as changing lenses, batteries, toilet breaks, setting up sound - all these various tasks disrupt recording time and without another Videographer filming at the same time, there is risk that certain events may be missed throughout the day.
For smaller packages however, we understand this may not be possible and one Videographer can suffice, so long as there is an understanding that it is near impossible to capture everything with only one Videographer.
Is one Photographer enough? We have found that one Photographer is all that is needed on a wedding day. Any more and it becomes too crowded. If you are not using one of our Photographers, we kindly hope that you choose Photographers who are respectful of the Videographers, as our co-operation on the day can be the difference between good footage and bad footage. At the same time, we ensure our Videographers and Photographers are very mindful and courteous of anyone holding a camera as well as all of the other vendors and guests. 
Is there anything I need to ask the Celebrant before the day? Yes, it is good for the couples to kindly ask the Celebrant if it's ok for the Videographers to capture sound from their mic or PA, or wear one of our lapel mics. In order for us to capture the best possible sound for your video, we always run sound out of the Celebrant's mic or speaker, and if they don't have a mic, we ask that they wear one of our lapel mics to pick up their sound. 
Unfortunately, we have been in situations (fortunately not often) where the Celebrant has been resistant to wearing a lapel mic or allowing us to record sound out of their PA, which has resulted in poor quality and barely audible sound during the ceremony, particularly when outdoors or in a large room. Hence, finding a co-operative Celebrant is key to a good sounding video.
What happens in the event I need to change my wedding date as a result of government imposed restrictions (ie Covid lockdowns etc)? We work with you to find another date that is suitable. So far, we have been able to reschedule all of our cancellations under such scenarios. 
Is there a contract I have to sign with you to engage your services? Rather than the usual "we send a signed contract, you find a printer, print, sign, scan and upload", we now build the contract into the terms and conditions of our invoice. Upon payment of the invoice, you thereby agree to the terms of our service (don't worry, it's all very industry standard terms, nothing out of the ordinary!).
Can I choose any music for my video? We wish we could offer any requested song to our couples, but unfortunately, most songs (particularly very famous ones) are protected by copyright and the rights need to be purchased from the record companies to use the song. There have been cases where wedding film companies have been sued for crazy sums of money for using unlicensed music, so we always keep this fact in mind when choosing music for our videos. Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent options we do have the rights to and most of our music comes from Musicbed.com, Artlist.com and Fyrfly.com (which does grant use to some famous songs). We usually have you pick a song from these sites or we give you some options to choose from before your wedding day or before we begin editing the highlights film. On the odd occasion, we have been able to get direct permission from the artist.
Is there back up of our files and how long do you keep our footage for? We keep all highlights films on our cloud storage. All your graded photos and the edited raw footage, we keep on our back up drive. We do however, delete all individual raw files (often 600+GB per wedding) after 2 months following your wedding.
Can / Do we meet before the big day? Yes! We meet with everyone over Zoom, or sometimes, at the venue.
We are proud supporters of the LGBTIQ community and people of all backgrounds and religious beliefs. 


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Our headquarters are in Melbourne / Mornington Peninsula and Kingscliff Northern NSW but our team of shooters are based Australia wide.