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2024 Trends - Out with the Old, in with the New

Planning your wedding can be both exciting and daunting... so many choices, so many tasks. From our experience, there seems to be 2 types of brides (and grooms) - those who know exactly what they want, and those who have no clue where to begin.

If you are the latter, knowing what's set to be on trend can be a great place to start!

First cab off the rank -

Colour pallete.

This next year is all about vibrancy and embracing rich colour schemes. Deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and amethyst are taking centre stage while being paired with earthy and metallic tones for a harmonious balance. So dont be afraid to break free of neutrals and pastel traditions and opt for something a little more spirited.


Tied in with colour scheme choices, florals themselves are becoming art - bouquets are embracing the minimalist look, opting for smaller in size or a single floral while more attention is being directed to loading florals up in the decor such as flower chandeliers, arches and cascading table runners. Florals can put a big dent in your budget so opting for flowers in season and designs that can perhaps be moved from ceremony to reception can help save a few bucks.


Outdoor weddings remain a popular choice but there is also a rise in elopements and non traditional venues such as roof tops, galleries and historic libraries. The choice you make here also correlates with the size of your wedding. Trends set for 2024 see micro

weddings being very popular with the focus being on quality over quantity with no more than 50 guests. This gives the bride and groom more time to spend with each guest and creates an intimate atmosphere that is sure to make the day more memorable and less stressed.


Let's talk dresses. Or not? 2024 is all about throwing tradition out the window. Hello to the appearance of pantsuits and jumpsuits! Or to those sticking with dresses - unusual silhouettes, velvet fabrics, and coloured gowns. Grooms are also jumping on the bandwagon experimenting with colour and bespoke accessories and ensuring clothing and items are ethically made or sourced.


In the era of an ever growing environmentally conscious collective, 2024 focusses a lot on the more eco friendly options. From recycled paper used for save the dates or digital invitations, incorporating locally and in season produce for catering, upcycling and repurposing items for wedding decor, to vintage or ethically made gowns, this is one of our favourite trends yet.


2024 is the year to individualise and get creative showing your personalities through your choices. Be daring, think outside the box, but most importantly remember it is your day. Make choices that represent you. The moments of the day will be remembered most vividly, and treasured, by YOU.

We hope this has helped and wish you the best for your big day in 2024!

Much love,


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